Client: Brean Leisure Park

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Hippo has installed a highly interactive water play area atBrean Leisure Park, based around a multi-level play platform feature.  Four platform levels incorporate high and lowlevel features to cater for a wide range of age and ability groups and allowplay both on poolside and within the indoor pool.  Features include themed showers, tippingbuckets, water wheels and spray rails. An interactive mast provides surprise and anticipatory excitement andprovides big splash play with its large tipping bucket and splash board.  Children can exit the play platform via oneof Hippo’s exhilarating slides.  A multislide will provide great competitive play amongst children racing each other tosee who can splash into the pool first. A single lane tube slide with special visual effects will add to theexcitement.

A Splash Battle featuring squirting cannons enables childrento aim and shoot water at a selection of targets, including a water wheel whichthen splashes the water onto those in the pool below it.

Finally a Splash Zone for toddlers and less water confidentchildren focuses on sensory and low level play. Features include interactive play panels, interactive channels, shortmasts, a spray hoop and a water web. These features will promote tactile play and enable children tomanipulate the flow of the water coming from these features.  Two bright and vibrant slides dedicated totoddlers complete the Splash Zone.

brean leisure park

Published 11th April 2018
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