Client: Dalton Leisure Centre

Interactive Water Play Splash Zones

Dalton Leisure Centre was looking for ways to liven up their redundant sauna area to help increase and sustain regular pool usage and business revenue. Hippo designed a 56m² Splash Zone with a high level of interactivity. The project was looking to provide an inclusive play experience for children of all ages and abilities including SEN users and children who lack water confidence.

Interactive play features installed included a 4 Arm Mast centre piece with tipping buckets, a shark shower and a spray rail, which will provide anticipatory play for children aged eight and above.

Toddlers will have fun with the 4m long Snake Squirt which encourages tactile play. A set of 8 interactive play panels will provide an educational element to play and also provide a bright and vibrant interactive barrier around the splash zone.

A total of 16 interactive water play features were installed altogether.

Aquatrol safety surface flooring was laid in and around the splash zone, providing an anti-bacterial, non-slip rubber surface.

dalton leisure centre

Published 11th April 2018
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