Client: Ladram Bay Holiday Park

Interactive Water Play Play Platforms Splash Zones

Hippo designed, produced a visual Ladram Complete and installed a highly interactive water play area at Brean Leisure Park, based around a multi-level play platform feature. Together they developed a scheme to include a multi-level play platform incorporating 3 levels with high and low features to cater for a wide range of age and ability groups, both inside the pool and on poolside. It includes a twin lane multi-slide where children can compete against each other to see who can reach the end first as well as a low level spray rail which creates a water arch and shower to excite the children playing beneath. The colourful platform has interactive walls which feature a variety of fun games and activities and provides visual, auditory and tactile play. There are two additional interactive wall panels with Treasure Island and Whirlpool themes to inspire young children to be more confident in the water.

There are 2 interactive masts, one on the platform and the other located in the pool. Between the masts, is an arch which incorporates 4 small tipping buckets and 2 small water wheels to provide surprise and anticipatory play. 

The central mast in the pool caters for the slightly older children and features a large waterwheel, shark shower and pipe falls arm. For extra excitement the mast is topped with a large tipping bucket and splash board which creates a big splash and soaks children playing below.

The stand alone features within the pool provide low level interactive play for small children who could be put off by water cascading or spraying onto them. Features include 4 level water channels incorporating paddles for the children to control the flow of water themselves. There is also a themed toddler slide including mirrors and moving elements to bring more excitement and play. Part of the barrier rail between the paddling pool and the main pool incorporates a Snake squirt with a series of water jets along the wiggly body.

Hippo and Cresta have worked together on a number of projects, both indoor and outdoor at Holiday Parks throughout the UK. This established working relationship between 2 experienced and respected UK companies ensures that the pool, the filtration and the water features are all fully integrated and meet customer requirements and Industry standards within the tight time constraints experienced within this market sector.

ladram bay holiday park case study

Published 11th April 2018
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