Client: The Park Leisure Centre

Water Factories

Hippo Leisure transformed the leisure pool at The Park Leisure Centre into a Pirate themed interactive water play area to appeal to children of all ages and abilities. The play area comprises a water factory as well as a variety of toddler splash toys. The water factory centre piece is a bright and colourful Waterball which includes a range of low level play features for toddlers including fill and spill buckets, handwheels and cannon jets. The Waterball has 4 arms which provide anticipatory play for older children in the form of a shark shower, small tipping bucket and waterwheel. Further excitement is created by an arch with a pelican themed squirt, more tipping buckets and small water wheels, enabling water to be squirted, tipped and sprayed onto children below. A second mast joins onto the opposite side of the arch and provides big splash play with a large tipping bucket and splash board. Once the bucket is filled by a water jet, it tips, splashing water onto the splashboard, drenching those children playing below.

Splash Toys encourage toddlers and less water confident children to join in the fun and include interactive channels and a selection of play panels. The interactive channels feature paddles which allow children to direct the flow of cascading water through the channels and back into the pool. Bright and colourful aquatic themed play panels will promote learning through play by providing visual, mental and auditory stimulation. The panel themes include treasure island, hidden treasure, swim challenge, sea serpent and whirlpool. A splash mirror panel providing light reflection, image and movement reflection adds to the interactive fun while a who pairs wins panel will bring out the competitive side of children.

the park leisure centre

Published 11th April 2018
Basingstoke Aquadrome Case Study

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