Client: Triangle Leisure Centre , Burgess Hill

Water Factories


The paddling pool in the Beach Area at The Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill has been rejuvenated with a new Hippo water factory. This project is one part of a £600,000 improvement programme at the centre.

The toddler pool has been transformed into a highly interactive water play area for children of all age and ability groups. A wide range of water play features has been provided, aimed at increasing water confidence in toddlers and young children, using a unique combination of high and low-level water play features. The bright and colourful design captures the imaginations of young minds while providing learning through play scenarios.

Play Features:

A bright and colourful waterball is the centrepiece for the water factory. It is topped with a mast housing a variety of interactive features - a waterwheel, a shark shower and a tipping bucket which will splash children playing below at varying time intervals. The waterball is joined by a span pipe to a further mast located on the poolside which provides the water supply for the waterball features. The span pipe has two waterwheels and four small tipping buckets which all create extra anticipatory fun. The span pipe is also home to a pelican water squirt.

The waterball provides a range of low-level features for toddlers and less water confident children including waterball jets, fill ‘n’ spill buckets, handwheels and cannon
jets. Toddlers have fun emptying the water from the fill ‘n’ spill buckets into the pool once they have been filled up by the water jets. They also enjoy controlling the flow of the water to the eight waterball jets by turning the handwheels. One of the waterball’s cannon jets provides the water for three interactive water channels of varying levels which cascade water into the pool. The water that flows into the channels can be manipulated by children as then turn the paddles.

Further excitement is provided by a set of three interactive masts located on the poolside and joined together with two span pipes. The centre mast is topped with a colourful giant fish which squirts jets of water at children in the pool. The other two masts feature large tipping buckets with splash boards which soak children standing below at surprise intervals.

Finally, the tiles surrounding the pool have been replaced with a non-slip wet pour flooring which has be laid from the entrance to the changing room and around the beach area.

Slide refurbishment:

Hippo also removed the existing falling rapids slide and refurbished some artificial rocks around the pool. 

Traffic light sensors and an LED display sign timing system have been installed on the flumes to improve safety and control access. The timing system allows riders to race in several categories which they can choose by pushing a button at the start of the ride! 


After six weeks of refurbishment work which started at the beginning of June 2018, the leisure pool was opened just in time for the summer holidays.

Project Feedback:

Neil Williams Sports and Service Manager at Places Leisure commented on the Places Leisure website: “Initial feedback has been positive, with the new interactive features being a big hit with families and young children”. Tom Carter, Contracts Manager for Places Leisure commented on the Places Leisure website: “We want to thank all our customers, members and swim lesson participants for their patience during these works. It was a hugely important project for us to update the 19-year-old facility and give it a new lease of life. We want The Triangle to remain at the forefront of leisure activities and offer our customers the best experience when they come to the centre, the recent works will ensure we can do that”.

The Triangle Leisure Centre Case Study

Published 27th September 2018
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