Hippo Bring Interactive Play to Carnival Pool

Hippo have transformed the beach area at Carnival Pool in Wokingham into an exhilarating interactive water play zone for toddlers and young children. Hippo installed a variety of high and low level play features which are designed to help increase water confidence.

The centrepiece of the new play area is an interactive pirate themed waterball which will create excitement for toddlers. Features of the waterball include handwheels which children turn to control the flow of the water to jets on the waterball, as well as fill and spill buckets which are filled by the jets. In addition to this, themed cannons create a gentle flow of water into the pool for children to play with and increase their water confidence. The waterball also has a mast which is connected by a span pipe arch to a second mast which contains 4 interactive arms. The span pipe features 4 small tipping buckets which will soak children playing beneath them at random intervials, and also 2 small water wheels which spin water in several directions as children wait in anticipation to be sprayed. The 4 arm mast is home to 2 shark shower arms as well as an additional small water wheel.

The walls of the 2 small spa pools have been brightened up with aquatic themed tactile wall panels which provide visual stimulation. Each panel has a tactile surface with an aquatic creature carved out of it and is great for encouraging toddlers and young children who have a fear of water to enter the pool.

Finally an under the sea themed toddler slide will add to the fun as children climb from the poolside onto the slide and splash into the pool. The slide features a porthole mirror which will enable children to have fun peering through it to watch their reflection, as well as a selection of interactive spinning fish for extra tactile and visual stimulation.

The play features utilise the existing water supply and the project was completed during a scheduled closure for other works to avoid disruption to the pools regular activity timetable.

Published 29th April 2016