Hippo Expand "Arctic" Themed Water Factory at Maidstone Leisure Centre

Hippo have expended the existing “Arctic” themed water playfeatures at Maidstone Leisure Centre to create a New Winter Wonderland forchildren of all ages and abilities. Thenew features complement the existing features and provide a fresh and excitingplay experience, giving families an incentive to visit the centre regularly.

The Interactive Waterball has been repositioned in the beachpool and connected to the existing 3 arm mast via a span pipe to create an “Arctic”Water Factory. The span pipe featuressmall tipping buckets and waterwheels which provide great anticipatory play forolder children. Children also enjoy low level play provided bythe waterball, and 2 interactive channels, allowing them to explore theirwatery environment while developing water confidence (and learning throughplay).

The Penguin Pool has been turned into a toddler Splash Zoneand features include a squirt station with varied low level play and waterflows, two interactive wall panels and an under the sea toddler slide. Both the panels and toddler slide feature abright aquatic design with moving elements and mirrors to provide tactile,visual and auditory stimulation. GRPsteps have also been installed in the Penguin Pool to allow easier access tothe existing tipping trough feature.

Finally an arch has been installed over the River Run andholds 2 large tipping buckets which tip, soaking those below when a critical fillpoint has been reached, soaking those below.

Published 1st February 2015