New Brochure From Hippo

Hippo’s brand new brochure for 2014 is a 'must have' publication and will be available in print for the first time at Leisure Industry Week in September/October 2014. It is also available to download from our website homepage right now!

The brochure includes everything needed to create a wet playfacility. Management and Architects can now make informed decisions regardingthe interactive water play equipment most appropriate for their facility’sneeds.

The brochure illustrates with new photos and our fantastic CAD drawing capabilities, a huge selection of wet play equipment thatwill bring smiles to children’s faces, including all ages and abilities. The Hippo range includes Water Factories,Play Platforms, Waterballs and big adrenaline Flume Slides. The brochure emphasises Hippo’s ‘totallycustomised’ approach which enables play features to be tailored to suit anypool or poolside regardless of shape or size.

Hippo also promote their expertise in filtration service and plantroom maintenance, safety flooring and all-weather PU elastomer coatings, whichcan be applied to furniture or just about any other item in your facility togive a unique stylish touch!

Brand new installation case studies and customer testimonials are usedthroughout the brochure, helping readers to make confident, educated decisionswhen determining how to bring life and generate new revenue streams at theirfacility.

Please visit our website homepage to download your copy of the brochure.

Published 28th August 2014