New Play Features for Leisure World Colchester

Hippo Leisure have transformed the Leisure Pool at Colchester Borough Council run Leisure World Colchester into a highly interactive play area.

A range of new, bright and colourful water play features are aimed at increasing water confidence by encouraging learning through play for children of all ages and abilities.

A pirate themed water factory has been installed in the beach area. It includes a waterball centerpiece with a variety of low level water jets including fill and spill buckets, handwheels and cannons. These features will be enjoyed by toddlers and children who are less water confident.

The waterball has a mast with four interative arms, one of which is joined by a span pipe to two further masts which feature a large tipping bucket and splash board, shark showers, water wheels, small tipping buckets and pelican squirts. These features will be enjoyed by fun seeking children and even adults.

Toddlers will have fun learning through play with a variety of splash toys including a squirt station and interactive water channels. A number of paddles can be used by the toddlers to manipulate the flow of water through the features.

A pirate themed toddler slide with a porthole mirror and spinning treasures, as well as interactive wall panels featuring Treasure Island, Sea Serpent and Whirlpool themed games will provide tactile, visual and auditory stimulation.

The upper pool has also been rejuvenated with a Pirate themed barrel falls platform now installed on it’s island. An extra large tipping bucket is gradually filled via a water jet and once full will tip splashing water into the barrel below where it disappears and then shoots out of hidden pipes around its base, spraying children playing nearby.

The platform also features three short masts, each holding one of the following features: large tipping bucket, waterwheel and shark shower. Three colourful extra large shark showers will sit in the river area and add to the fun by gently showering those below.

Chris Ling, Pools Manager at Leisure World comments “the new water play features are already proving extremely popular with families and contribute to enhancing kid appeal and overall visitor experience at Leisure World. We are delighted with the flexibility of Hippo’s play features, meaning that we can update and expand them in the future”.

Cllr Annie Feltham, Colchester Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Business, Leisure and Opportunities, added: "Every year our centre gets a million visits and we take pride in providing the best possible experience for our customers. Our leisure pool is a great environment for youngsters to build confidence in the water, whilst having fun through play. The new water features look great and I can see many families enjoying the new features in the pool for years to come."

Published 6th March 2017