Poolside Waterball for Bude Holiday Resort

Hippo Leisure has refreshed the outdoor poolside at Bude Holiday Resort (Peter Bull Resorts) by installing an Interactive Waterball play feature in time for the summer.

The colourful Waterball encourages children of all ages and abilities to use the pool and increase their water confidence.

Toddlers enjoy the fun provided by a variety of low-level features. Fill n’spill buckets are filled via water jets on the Waterball. Children have fun tipping the buckets to spill water back into the pool. Interactive handwheels allow children to control the flow of water to the Waterball jets. Finally, themed cannon jets create a gentle flow of water into the pool.

The Waterball’s four-armed Interactive Mast provides high-level surprise and anticipatory play to entertain older children. Children are sprayed by a waterwheel, showered by a shark shower, splashed by a tipping bucket and squirted by a pipe falls arm feature.

Kevin Prynne, Sport and Leisure Manager for Peter Bull Resort comments: ”Myself and the company Directors are very happy with the outstanding work that has been done by Hippo. The team who installed the Waterball were fantastic to work with. The Waterball has revived the outdoor pool area and is inspiring more families to use the pool. Installing the Waterball will hopefully help to encourage repeat visits to the Resort. Peter Bull Resorts is looking to buy more holidays parks in the future and will be happy for Hippo to work with them with regards to incorporating interactive water play at these parks.”

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To find out more information about Peter Bull Resorts, visit: www.peterbullresorts.co.uk or call 01637 851851.

Published 10th July 2017