Water Factory and Splash Toys Brighten up the Mariner Leisure Centre

Hippo Leisure has installed a Water Factory as well as a selection of Splash Toys at the Mariner Leisure Centre in Camelon, just outside Fulkirk.

The centre wanted to convert the existing pool into a highly interactive play area designed to excite, stimulate and develop young minds and help to increase regular family visits and kid appeal.

Hippo rose to the challenge of providing a unique range of high and low level play features to entertain children of all ages and abilities, whilst creating as much interactivity as possible in the pool space available.

Toddlers and younger children will enjoy playing with an interactive Waterball and a selection of Splash Toys including tactile wall panels featuring fishy creatures, mirrored portholes, interactive play panels (which create mental and physical stimulation and have various aquatic themes including treasure island, swim challenge and sea serpent), water channels and various aquatic themed slides. Hippo’s Under the Sea Toddler Slide provides fantastic interaction in the pool with its mirrored port hole and spinning fish with googly eyes. A kids whale slide and refurbished walrus and frog slides are also sure to be huge hits!

The older children will love the surprise and anticipatory play that is provided by tipping buckets, a waterwheel and a shark shower, all suspended from either a 4 arm mast connected to the waterball or from a span pipe connecting the waterball to a second mast. The buckets are filled by water jets and once a critical fill level is reached, the buckets tip splashing water onto children playing below. The waterwheel sprays water in several directions and the shark shower creates an exciting visual impact whilst gently showering those beneath it. Three bright and vibrant fish squirts in different sizes and mounted at different heights also add to the fun.

Hippo has designed the play area to ensure that it is suitable for future expansion.

Published 27th May 2016