Our services and expertise reach from the plant room to putting smiles on children's faces. 

Our team's experience spans over 28 years of working within the swimming pool, leisure and water fun industry.  Hippo Leisure is part of Manuplas (an operating division of Advanced Insulation Systems Limited), and has been part of the Advanced Insulation Group of companies since 2014.  Being part of this group has enabled Hippo to further exploit its strengths and market opportunities.

Our focus on the design, manufacture and installation of interactive water play projects has been developed through the close study of our Little Hippo Kid Consultants. This has been achieved by investigating how different age groups behave in the swimming pool environment. Our detailed research has proven the impact new water play equipment has on increasing revenue, attracting new customers and retaining existing customers.

Our studies have helped us develop inclusive play products to encompass the whole family and all abilities and ages. We have spent time developing products that will improve water confidence, encourage swimming activities and provide centre managers with versatile and flexible products.

Providing a service that is tailored to suit each customer's needs from the supply of toddler splash toys to the development of a multi-flume slide installation is at the heart of Hippo's core values. We are proud of the partnerships we hold with some of the UK's premier leisure facilities and management companies and are always looking for ways to extend our innovative approach to more like minded businesses.

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Our customers include:

  • Alton Towers
  • Basingstoke Aquadrome
  • Bath Sports & Leisure Centre
  • Burnham on Sea Holiday Park
  • Brean Leisure Park
  • Carnival Pool
  • Cheltenham Leisure Centre
  • Concordia Leisure Centre
  • Coral Reef Leisure Centre
  • Crystal Leisure Centre
  • Dalton Leisure Centre
  • Dunes Splash World
  • Grangemouth Sports Complex
  • Guildford Lido
  • Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre
  • Kingfisher Leisure Centre
  • Lady's Mile Holiday Park
  • Leisure World Colchester
  • Leyton Leisure Centre
  • Magnet Leisure Centre
  • Maidstone Leisure Centre
  • Mariner Leisure Centre
  • Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool
  • SC2 Waterpark, Rhyl
  • Splash Point Leisure Centre
  • Tandridge Leisure Centre
  • Tonbridge Leisure Centre
  • Torquay Riviera Centre
  • Windsor Leisure Centre