Hippo can supply and install new Flume Slides as well as offer maintenance and repair services to existing slides.

A range of Flume Extras can also be offered and include:

  • L-Resin Transfer Moulding allows each waterslide component to be created with a shiny, smooth, appealing interior and exterior.
  • Slide  n Roll Technology combines exclusive sound, design and light effects and provides full sensory stimuli.
  • Special Pattern Effects Technology enhance the slide experience through applying a special manufacturing technology on the outer surface of the ride. These patterns can be of any design, shape and theme and are gel-coated.
  • Natural Light Effects Technology relies exclusively on the benefit of the sun's natural light and is incorporated directly into the composites of the slides components. As water flows through these components, it interacts with the sunlight to create glowing, colourful designs for riders to see as they slide through.
  • Transparent Slides and Translucent Slides provide enriched visual impact and spectator appeal!
  • Sound Systems include everything form thunder and lightning to rainbow lights.
  • Music Systems enable riders to choose their own choice of track from Frozen to Kylie and even Gloria Gayner!
  • Traffic Light Systems.
  • Speed Timer Games.
  • Interactive Touch Pad Scoring Games.