Hippo Leisure to install a range of interactive water play features to Spennymoor in 2023

Hippo Leisure is pleased to announce that our team will visit Spennymoor Leisure Centre in 2023 to install interactive pool play equipment.

A whole range of work will completely transform the pool into a highly interactive water play area for children of all age and ability groups.

We will also provide water play features aimed at increasing water confidence in toddlers and young children using a unique combination of high-and low-level water play features. Building water confidence is always at the core of what we do, so the design will be bright and colourful to capture the imaginations of young minds while providing learning through play scenarios. The proposed features for this area allow children to explore and discover their watery environment and teach them how to manipulate the flow of water through channels and interactive jets.

By the time our work is complete, there will be something for all ages to enjoy. For older, more water-confident kids there will be a high-level span pipe suspended from the ceiling over the beach area, three themed planters with squirts, plus an extra-large tipping bucket and splash board to provide big splash play.

We can’t wait to get started.

Published 21st November 2022