Little Hippos appreciation post!

Little Hippos are our very own team of ‘kid consultants’ who give us advice and ideas for our latest designs and product development. Ranging from 3 to 16 years old, the Little Hippos play a vital role in our design and testing process.

Putting our products through their paces is a key function of the Little Hippos. We test, trial and monitor the performance of our products and how children interact with them. The Little Hippos provide us with critical feedback on what they like, dislike and what they would change. Most importantly they have lots of fun splashing, tipping and squirting water and increasing their water confidence.

We understand and value the part the Little Hippos play in ensuring we get our product design right, to please the target audience and ultimately keep our customers in touch with their customers.

So, thank you to all our Little Hippos - making interactive water play features just wouldn't be the same without you!

Published 21st November 2022