25 facts for 25 years of Hippo

We've been making interactive water play features for over 25 years now, so it seems fitting to reveal 25 interesting facts about Hippo Leisure. 

See if you know any of them:

  1. Did you know Hippo coated china dogs and lampshades for the opening of the Vivien Westwood shop in Milan?
  2. We installed large steles along the River Thames in London for the London 2012 Olympics and they are still in place today
  3. We cycled from London to Paris in the name of charity for Action Medical Research and covered over 300 miles in 4 days!
  4. Hippo founder Andy Taylor once beat David Wilkie in a charity swimming race for Mencap
  5. Hippo Leisure formed in Lancing before moving to Saltash and finally calling Plymouth home where we have been for 13 years
  6. Andy was involved in the building of many leisure centres across the country in the 80s when working with Biwater
  7. Team Hippo have met many sporting celebrities along the way – including Andre Agassi, Sharon Davis, Darren Campbell, Mark Foster, John Inverdale, and Jet from Gladiators… to name but a few
  8. Hippo started under the name Ocean Wave Engineering in the early 90s
  9. All our designs are entirely bespoke and unique to every client. We have standard features, however, the configuration is always unique
  10. Team Hippo has made over 100 unique safety pads for various projects
  11. We made 15 sunfish for the Making Waves project
  12. We have produced over 50 interactive waterballs
  13. We have supplied features to waterparks worldwide
  14. All our products are put to the test by our team of Little Hippos
  15. Increasing water confidence is our core value
  16. We once created a Hippo Leisure computer game
  17. We have made all sorts of squirting creatures, including bees, pigs, fish, elephants, and toucans, to name a few!
  18. Andy worked on the development of the very first flowrider
  19. We supplied the outdoor furniture to Big Brother – series seven!
  20. We have even been featured in the retail industry making shelves for Fat Face store and giant Smarties for a shopping centre in Basingstoke
  21. We manufactured wave barriers for P&O’s major cruise ships
  22. We built the first completely seamless knock-down rooms at Peasbrooke Equine Clinic in the Cotswolds
  23. We supplied sleepers made from recycled materials from our manufacturing process for Paignton Zoo to use in their landscaping
  24. Team Hippo has exhibited at industry shows worldwide
  25. We were even involved in the award-winning project Hydro Ness in Inverness.


Published 20th October 2022