Making Waves around Plymouth

It’s been eight years since the Making Waves project, and it was certainly one that stuck with Team Hippo. 

Plymouth is famed for its apprenticeships, boasting some of the highest success rates in the UK. The Making Waves project was chosen as a way of marking this achievement, and a visitor’s trail (designed by apprentices) made of maritime sculptural installations was created and spread across the city. Hippos’ involvement saw our team manufacture a series of eye-catching sunfish sculptures out of foam and elastomer, before inviting local artists into our facility to decorate each one and add to the fun of the trail.

Once the project reached its conclusion, the sculptures were auctioned to raise money for a local Marine Conservation programme, a great cause that remains important to the local community.

It’s safe to say that Making Waves was a huge success, moving footfall around the sights and shining a spotlight on the creative and innovative side of our great city. For everyone at team Hippo, it was an opportunity to give back and is yet another example of how adaptive we are when it comes to getting creative.

Published 18th October 2022