Client: Arc Leisure , Matlock

Interactive Water Play

The Challenge:

Our customer, Arc Leisure Matlock, approached us with the challenge of increasing the number of people who use the toddler splash pad, by replacing the existing water spray features and providing play features to help increase water confidence in toddlers and children.

They were keen to help develop water confidence in all age and ability groups.

Our solution:

Our team replaced the existing water spray features that were in the splash pad with the following water features:

Water jets

- Several water jets shower and splash water on the children

- Children can have fun manipulating the flow of water with their hands to vary the flow of water in terms of quantity and speed. 

Interactive wall panel

- The wall has a bright and colourful underwater design with a series of moving parts and mirrors. This creates a great visual impact and tactile stimulation for toddlers and young children; particularly those with minimal water confidence.

- The panels are great for allowing parents to play together with their toddlers, helping them get involved with increasing their child’s water confidence.

- They also encourage small groups of toddlers/children to play together and enhance their social skills.


The splash pad we installed is perfect for confidence building due to the zero water level; making it the perfect introduction to water.

We transformed the old poolside water features into a bright and colourful interactive water play area, with a water wall and regenerated water jets in the floor. By making it visually appealing, we injected new life into the area. Various tactile, auditory and visual interactive features keep children and families entertained and allow the centre to run additional play sessions on poolside.


Published 15th February 2022
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