Client: Caerphilly Borough Council , Newbridge, South Wales

Interactive Water Play Splash Zones

The Challenge:

Our customer wanted to turn the existing leisure pool into a highly interactive water play area for children of all ages and ability groups.

The intention was to increase visitor numbers and provide a facility the community could enjoy.

 Our Solution:

The features ended up being so successful that the client came back with two further requirements allowing our team to transform the area in three phases:

Phase One - £50,963.52

  • Transform the toddler pool into a highly interactive water play area using Hippo's unique waterball feature.
  • Themed waterball with large fish squirt on top
  • Four arm mast on the pirate ship with large tipping buckets, shark shower, pipe falls and a large tipping bucket and splash board on top

After the success of Phase one, the client came to us again to see how we could expand on the water play offering. We were able to create an entirely new water play space on the poolside, utilising the water supply to the waterball previously installed. The introduction of an interactive water play wall was the main focus. This included a touch and sound game.

Phase Two - £47,776.35

  • Expand the water play area onto poolside
  • Interactive water panel with touch and sound (includes both Welsh and English instructions which the client can update)
  • Span from waterball to mast on poolside
  • Spray rail – high level. Water sprays out over the interactive wall panel onto the poolside.
  • Wet pour safety surface laid on poolside

Phase Three - £36,425.50

  • One additional panel. No water/sound – just standard interactive panel
  • Themed sign
  • Flooring – extend the flooring area from phase two
  • Flume speed timer & traffic lights
  • Four floats (penguin, hippo, walrus & lobster)

 The Result

The three installations have resulted in the pool at Newbridge being transformed into a highly interactive water play area for the whole family. The features were designed to increase water confidence in young children and provide big splash play for water-confident kids.

The biggest result, however, is that the Council like our features so much they want to incorporate them in the new Caerphilly Leisure Centre which is currently in the design stage.

Project feedback:

Lydia English, Centre Shift Supervisor - Caerphilly County Borough Council:

“Over the last two years, Hippo Leisure has installed many new water features, interactive wall/panels and splash pad flooring. The team at Hippo has been amazing and extremely helpful throughout every stage and installation.

This refurbishment has allowed Newbridge to provide an exceptional facility, not only for our community but for visitors for miles around. It’s now a fantastic destination creating fun and enjoyment for all families, whilst encouraging people to stay more active, more often.”

Published 24th October 2022
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