Client: Braywick Leisure Centre , Braywick

Interactive Water Play Family Slides

The Challenge:

Having worked with the Royal Bough of Windsor and Maidenhead at both Magnet Leisure Centre and Windsor Leisure Centre, the client asked if Hippo could create some ideas for leisure and teaching at a new site in Braywick. 

We worked closely with the council and their design team over the course of 12 months to come up with several options before being asked if we could carry out a full design of our layouts.

 Our Solution:

- The project included features that could be used as a typical teaching pool during the week before expanding to become a leisure pool at other times. We also included a small water confidence area off the teaching pool – a great space for parent and toddler sessions. 

- As Braywick was a new centre located in parkland, the council were keen for us to include this in our design. As a result, we used a woodland theme.

- The raised platform has a range of fun features, and the overhang out over the pool integrates them into the teaching pool but allows the pool to be used as a teaching area when they are switched off.

- A wide slide off the platform to the pool side was based on a small wide slide we installed at Windsor Leisure Centre for the RBWM. Although only 5m long, it proved to be so popular across the age groups (even though they also had two large waterslides) that we had to feature a similar version at Braywick. 


Braywick, a new centre constructed in parkland on the outskirts of Maidenhead opened to the public at the end of September 2020. The final project value was £295K, which was well within their budget.

Published 10th April 2022
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