Client: Freshwater Holiday Park , Bridport

Interactive Water Play Family Slides

The Challenge

Freshwater Holiday Park contacted us with the challenge of transforming their pool, which had no pre-existing play features. Our team turned it into a highly interactive water play area suitable for children of all ages and ability groups.

The main objective was to provide a range of water play features aimed at increasing water confidence in toddlers and young children, using a unique combination of high and low-level water play features.

Our Solution

Our team provided features which will allow children to develop their water confidence and explore and discover their watery environment. At the same time, the features teach them how to manipulate the flow of water through channels and interactive jets:


  • Included are ‘fill n spill’ buckets, water cannons and water squirts
  • The waterball is topped with an interactive mast joined to a second mast. Both masts have a range of high-level features, including shark showers tipping buckets and water wheels.

Toddler slide

  • This slide was designed with an under the sea theme and included tactile surface/moving parts.

Four fish showers

  • A fun water feature, this is made up of varying shapes and sizes and will gently squirt water onto people playing in the pool below.

Two tipping channels

We provided bright and colourful designs to capture the imaginations of young minds while providing learning through play scenarios.


Fun, immersive, and interactive, the new features gave the holiday park a major visitor attraction that has helped increase confidence in toddlers and young children.

Published 7th June 2022
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