Client: Searles Leisure Resort , Hunstanton

Interactive Water Play Family Slides Racer Slides

The Challenge:

Our customer approached us with a request to replace the existing old outdoor slide that was very tired. The challenge was that there was very limited space and we had to come up with a slide that would offer the highest slider throughput possible (i.e - allows the most people down it. A single tube slide can only have one rider, compared to a multislide that can have more).

This was after we had installed interactive water play in their indoor pool. These play features included our signature waterball and an interactive play platform with multislide.

Our Solution:

Team Hippo was part of a project in 2017 where we created a highly interactive water play area in a new indoor pool at Searles Leisure Resort.

Creating an area that catered for the whole family was paramount. From less water confident toddlers to big splash play for older children, the requirement was to also include a sliding element that is fun for all ages.

In 2021 the client came to us again. This time to replace their old, tired outdoor water slide. Even though space was limited, we managed to install a twin lane multislide that would become a stand-out feature for the customer

The Result

Our team showed that anything is possible, even when space seems restrictive. The slide is now the most popular at the leisure resort; the throughput is higher than a traditional tube slide so users can race each other down to see who can ride the fastest. 

The client now has a fun water play pool that can be enjoyed by the whole family and a new slide to revamp the outside pool.

Published 10th November 2022
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