Client: Windsor Leisure Centre , Windsor


The Challenge:

Our customer had two existing flume slides with dated hanging systems which needed replacing with a modern system. One of the challenges was that a modern hanging system would only allow one slide to be operated off the platform, whereas their current system allows both slides to be operated off one platform.

They asked us to create a solution that would enable them to have two slides to entertain the pool’s maximum capacity of visitors during busy times. They also had a plunge pool used during teaching sessions and housed an aquacatch for one of the existing flumes. The customer did not want us to install the aquacatch of a new slide in the plunge pool. Instead, they wanted to add some play features into the pool to make their teaching sessions more exciting and encourage toddlers and children with low water confidence or a fear of the water to have fun in the pool.

Key highlights:


- Two slides were removed from the existing start platform and a new one was installed. The twin lane slide was installed in an old café area with its own staircase and start platform.

- Our team also recommended adding a selection of fish squirts to the side of the plunge pool. With bright and colourful imagery, they gently squirt water onto children inside the pool; perfect for children who are just starting to get confident with water.

- Finally, we recommended a large interactive wall panel for the inner wall of the plunge pool. This play panel was installed for use during fun sessions and teaching sessions. The interactive panels will help develop confidence and have an underwater theme plus a series of moving parts and mirrors. These are perfect for providing tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation.


The slides now appeal to a wider audience than the old flumes, including both children and adults, increasing footfall to the centre at weekends.

The new multi-slide allows children to slide and have fun together, with the lanes now wide enough to allow parents to slide with their toddlers. Play features in the plunge pool have added a fun element to teaching sessions whilst providing sensory play and development for those less confident.  Also, the commands on the touch and sound game are fully customizable and can be updated regularly.


Published 7th March 2022
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