Client: Dunes Splash World

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Hippo has transformed the baby pool into a highly interactive water play area aimed at increasing water confidence.  A wide range of interactive play features have been combined to provide a unique play experience for toddlers and young children, with a variety of activities to cater for all needs.  

A Water Factory themed Interactive Waterball complete with a Mast creates a highly visual centre piece.  The Waterball provides a variety of low level play including fill & spill buckets, interactive hand wheels, jets and interactive water channels.   The Waterball is linked by a span arm to a second Interactive Mast.  The shark showers, Waterwheels and tipping buckets suspended from these features will entertain slightly older children.  

A selection of colourful interactive play panels and mirrored portholes bring life to the walls around the pool, are great for introducing toddlers to the water and provide visual and mental stimulation through play.  Interactive wall panels installed over the pools existing wall squirt jets of water from various points around the panels, and are popular for more water confident children.   

Finally toddlers can manipulate the water flow from a 4 way squirt station, and also enjoy racing each other down two under the sea themed interactive toddler slides to see who can splash into the pool first

There are a total of 25 interactive water points.

dunes splash world

Published 11th April 2018
Basingstoke Aquadrome Case Study

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