Client: Grand Central Leisure Complex , Stockport

Water Factories Flume Service & Extras


Hippo Leisure has installed a water factory in the toddler pool at The Grand Central Leisure Complex in Stockport as well as repairing and reinstating the two existing flume slides. The Hippo project is just one part of a £2.8m investment programme to improve the facilities. The new play features and refurbished flumes increase the kid appeal at the complex and will help it to increase visitor numbers and revenue for many years to come.

Play Features:

A bright and colourful waterball is the main focal point of the water factory themed play area. The lower part of the waterball excites toddlers as they have fun controlling the water jetting out of the waterball by covering up the water jet holes. The jets also fill up two fill ‘n’spill buckets which toddlers then tip to empty the water back into the pool. One of two cannon jets gushes water into an interactive water channel which cascades into a second channel before going into the pool. Children will enjoy turning the paddles on the channels to direct the water flow. The waterball has a mast which houses a variety of high level anticipatory features. More water confident children enjoy being sprayed by a waterwheel, showered with water by a shark and being splashed by a tipping bucket at surprise intervals. A span pipe which joins the mast to a short mast located on poolside also holds two waterwheels and four small tipping buckets for further high-level fun.

Four bright and vibrant fish squirts in assorted designs sit on the raised section of the poolside and squirt water onto children playing in the pool below. 

Four colourful, aquatic themed interactive wall panels create a poolside barrier. They encourage children to increase their water confidence through learning and play. Each panel features a bright underwater design with series of moving parts and mirrors providing tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. A series of water jets are also features in the wall panels.

Finally, toddlers enjoy sliding down the under the sea themed toddler slide and splashing into the pool. The toddler slide features an aquatic design with mirrors and moving fish which brings far more excitement that a standard toddler slide!

Client Feedback:

CEO of Life Leisure, Malcolm McPhail commented to South Manchester News: “The centre is a flagship facility in the town and it is important that we continue to provide the best leisure facilities and opportunities for our communities.”

Grand Central Leisure Complex Case Study

Published 27th September 2018
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