Client: Waterside Holiday Park

Interactive Water Play Splash Zones

Hippo transformed the toddler pool at Waterside Holiday Park into an interactive water play area for children of all ages and abilities, making use of the existing water supply. A unique combination of colourful low level play features have been designed to increase water confidence and learning through play in toddlers and young children, via exploration and discovery within a watery environment. A bright and vibrant water factory themed waterball is connected to the poolside water supply via an arch and features a variety of fill and spill buckets, interactive hand wheels and water jets. Children can turn the wheels to control the flow of water to the jets and can tip the buckets once full to spill water back into the pool. There are also two interactive water channels each featuring 2 paddles that allow children to manipulate the flow of water through them and back into the pool. The channels are fed by water jets on the waterball.

An aquatic themed toddler slide provides great fun as toddlers slide down and splash into the pool. The bright and colourful slide has a tactile surface with moving fish that the children can spin around, and porthole mirrors perfect for peering through and watching their reflection. Finally three interactive wall panels on the poolside feature underwater themed fun - Treasure Island, Sea Serpent and Whirlpool. The panels all have moving parts and mirrors which provide tactile, visual and auditory simulation.

waterside case study

Published 11th April 2018
Basingstoke Aquadrome Case Study

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