Client: Wolverton

Water Factories

At Wolverton Swimming & Fitness Centre an interactive play zone was installed based on Hippo’s suspended span arms features. The aim of the installation is to increase revenue at the centre by encouraging visitors to use the pool outside of teaching sessions by appealing to young children and pre-teens. Two 7m span arms were suspended over the pool, each with a number of different features including shark showers, tipping buckets and water wheels. These provide a strong visual impact and plenty of surprise and anticipationary play. To encourage water confidence in toddlers a 4m snake squirt was installed on the poolside along with a selection of interactive play panels. The play panels create high visual impact and provide an educational element to play.

The features have been designed to be installed around the outside of the pool without impacting on other uses of the pool such as swimming lessons. There are a total of 40 active water points.

wolverton swimming fitness centre

Published 11th April 2018
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